16x more pixels than 4K – BOE shows of the world’s first 110-inch 16K display

16x more pixels than 4K - BOE shows of the world's first 110-inch 16K display

Forget 4K or 8K, 16K is the new hotness – We’re gonna need better graphics cards…

While the console and PC gaming markets focus on 4K and lower resolution screens, the display market is marching forward with higher and higher resolution screen technologies, with BOE showcasing a new 16K 110-inch screen. This screen is colossal, with its diagonal length measuring in at almost 2.8 meters, and its pixel count is even more staggering. This screen has as many pixels as sixteen 4K displays. 

BOE’s 16K screen can operate at 60Hz with a 15360×8640 resolution, and Vincent Teoh (from HDTVtest) stating that the screen has “no visible pixels, even right up close.” This screen was displayed at Display Week 2023, and the screen is said to feature 1200:1 contrast ratio, 99% coverage of the P3 colour space, and offer 400 nits of display luminance. 

To say the least, this display is not designed for gaming. It’s 16K resolution screen has four times as many pixels as an 8K monitor, a screen resolution that is already considered too high for modern graphics cards. If games are ever going to run on 16K screens, AMD, Nvidia, and Intel are going to need to deliver huge increases in GPU performance with their future products, and further advancements in their competing upscaling technologies.

BOE has not revealed any plans to bring their huge 16K display to market, which means that we have not pricing or availability information to discuss here. That said, BOE likely has plans to bring this screen to market in some form in the future, though you can expect it to be incredibly expensive.

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