AMD Claims HD4850 X2 Beats GTX280

AMD Claims HD4850 X2 Beats GTX280
AMD seems to keep rolling forward with their HD4000 series GPUs. They claim that the lower level R700 card, the HD4850 X2, is able to outperform Nvidia’s current flagship, the GTX280, by 8-34% in current games.
With clock speeds of 625MHz and 2GB of DDR3 memory, this new card will bear a rather attractive price of $399 in the US or €270-290 in Europe. Considering this is a bit cheaper than the GTX280 and significantly moreso than its bigger brother, the HD4870 X2, AMD may have a real winner on their hands for price/performance ratio in the high-end market.
The HD4850 X2 will likely be out in the wild some time in the second half of next month.
Will AMD’s claims turn out to be true? Will this be the card to look for in the future?
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