AMD Demo R600 Crossfire on Quad Core Barcelona Setup

AMD logo

According to our source, AMD has given a public display of its Quad Core Barcelona system with a pair of 200W R600 cards running in Crossfire mode, which is capable of hitting one teraflop. The event which has been verified, suggests that researchers at Stanford were already writing supercomputing applications for R600 and that R600 uses 320 multiply-accumulate (MAC) units which could imply 40 vec4 per GPU and ~800MHz clock.

When pressed for a reason on R600’s delay, Henri Richard (chief of sales and marketing at AMD) said:

R600 is doing very well and there’s a reason we’re going to launch it when we’re going to launch it…I’ll take the blame. Launching Direct X 10 chipsets piecemeal was not welcome with AMD’s OEMs, and would not give the best economic value for the firm, despite the clamour for new kit from hardcore gamers and computing enthusiasts.”
No doubt it won’t only be hardcore gamers scrabbling for a piece of the R600 action; distributed computing donators will be eagerly awaiting R600’s arrival too.

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