AMD has cancelled their high-end RX 8000 series RDNA 4 GPU lineup – Rumours suggest

AMD has cancelled their high-end RX 8000 series RDNA 4 GPU lineup - Rumour suggests

AMD’s Radeon RX 8000 lineup could lack an RTX 5090 competitor

Rumour has it that AMD are no longer planning to release ultra-high-end graphics cards using their RDNA 4 graphics architecture, leaving Nvidia without any competition in this segment of the GPU market. Some sources have alleged that AMD has cancelled the development of their Navi 41 and 42 GPU designs, making Navi 43 their highest-end silicon.

Obviously, AMD has not confirmed these rumours, and it remains unclear if these rumours have a solid foundation. @Kepler_L2, the source of these rumours, has claimed that three sources had confirmed this to them, though it is strange to think that AMD would leave the high-end GPU market after innovating with GPU chiplets with RDNA 3.

If AMD are shifting their focus onto the mid-range segment of the GPU market, the company will be moving back to the strategy that they had with their GCN 4 (Polaris) and RDNA 1 graphics architectures. Such a focus would not be a bad move for AMD, as they could then focus their high-end resources on the AI market, and work to double down on their success in the lower-end of the GPU market with devices like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally.

AMD has cancelled their high-end RX 8000 series RDNA 4 GPU lineup - Rumour suggests

Alternatively, AMD’s alleged shift in strategy could be due to a simple change in roadmap. That said, changing strategy this late in RDNA 4’s development is an unorthodox move. Perhaps the development of RDNA 5 is coming along faster than expected, or AMD is preparing to create a high-end graphics card with a chiplet-based graphics compute segment. Without any confirmation from AMD, we cannot confirm any of these rumours.

With AI shaping up to be a huge earner for GPU manufacturers, it would make sense for some of the focus of companies like AMD and Nvidia to shift. That said, an exit from the high-end GPU market would not be a good move for AMD, as it would harm their reputation amongst gamers. That said, AMD is a company that has shareholders, and the opinions of shareholders are often more important than the opinions of gamers.

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