AMD Teases R9 Fury X2 GPU

AMD R9 Fury X2 launching in December

AMD Teases R9 Fury X2 GPU


It looks like AMD will soon be releasing their newest and fasted GPU, a dual Fiji monster called the AMD R9 Fury X2. The GPU was rumored to be released in December, alongside VR HMDs (Head-Mounted Displays), with pre-release samples already being known to be sent to developers and other industry insiders. 

Below is a photo of two AMD Fiji GPU dies, hinting that a Dual Fiji GPU will soon be released by AMD. This is very reminiscent of the release of the AMD R9 295X2, where AMD heavily spread the term “two is better than one” and sent a lot of random hints to the press with this term and AMD branded water bottles, which was to signify their GPUs water cooled nature. 


AMD Teases R9 Fury X 2 GPU


The AMD R9 Fury X2 is essentially two R9 Fury X GPUs on a single PCB, offering 2X the theoretical performance and coming water cooled as standard. 

AMD has now confirmed that the R9 Fury X2 has been delayed and will be released later in order to align with the launch of VR headsets like the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive.


       Q. On the E3 Livecast, Lisa committed to shipping Fiji Gemini by Xmas. What happened? 
Is Fiji Gemini  delayed?

A. The product schedule for Fiji Gemini had initially been aligned with consumer HMD availability, which had been scheduled for Q415 back in June. Due to some delays in overall VR ecosystem readiness, HMDs are now expected to be available to consumers by early Q216. To ensure the optimal VR experience, we’re adjusting the Fiji Gemini launch schedule to better align with the market.
Working samples of Fiji Gemini have shipped to a variety of B2B customers in Q415, and initial customer reaction has been very positive.


With the Fury X2, AMD is aiming to boost 4K-performance with up to 80%, according to internal documents. Both Fiji-XT GPUs in the Fury X2 will have clock speeds of up to 1GHz while the stacked 8GB of HBM will run at 500MHz. It’s worth noting that the Fury X2 will supposedly not work on 32bit Windows, but let’s be honest, if you’re getting a video card like this, you’re probably running a 64bit OS anyway. A full list of specifications, courtesy of WCCFtech, can be found below.


GPU  Fiji XT x2 (Gemini)

Stream Processors


GCN Compute Units

Render Output Units 128
Texture Mapping Units 512
GPU Frequency Up to 1GHz
Memory 8GB HBM (4GB per GPU)
Memory Interface 8192bit (4096 per GPU)
Memory Frequency 500MHz
Effective Memory Speed 1Gbps
Memory Bandwidth 1 Terabyte per second
Cooling Solution Liquid cooling
Performance (FP32) 16.38 TFLOPS
TDP Approx. 375W
GFlops/watt Approx. 43.7
Launch Price TBA
Launch Date November/December 2015


AMD R9 Fury X2 launching in December


Scott Wasson, the poster of the top image and the former Editor and Chief of The Tech Report, has recently now joined AMD to improve their testing methods and improve the user experience on AMD Radeon Graphics. 

One of the things that Scott Wasson is famous for among PC enthusiasts is his work on frame-time-based testing methods for GPUs, which has been something that has greatly influenced both AMD and Nvidia’s approach to SLI and Crossfire, getting AMD to move so far as to create their Frame Pacing technology for Crossfire setups. 


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