ATI Schedules 45nm Production At TSMC For 2008

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Edward Chou, marketing director of ATI Technologies Asia-Pacific division, stated that yield rates on 80nm technology production at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) remain stable. ATI has been working closely with the foundry, according to Chou, adding that the company is looking to adopt the 45nm node by 2008. ATI began 80nm production at TSMC at the end of 2005 and started production of its 65nm-made chips from the middle of this year.

According to the source, ATI on October 19 held a press conference to officially announce its Radeon X1950 PRO graphics chip (codenamed RV570), manufactured using 80nm process technology. By the first half of 2007, ATI aims for its complete lineup of its graphics chips to adopt a 80nm node, whose production costs are 10-15% less than the cost for 90nm process technology, Chou said.

GeCube 1950PRO

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