Bombshell will be Enhanced With NVIDIA GameWorks Effects

Bombshell will be Enhanced With NVIDIA GameWorks Effects

Bombshell will be Enhanced With NVIDIA GameWorks Effects


If you like isometric shooters, twin-stick shooters, or over the top action, you’ll probably be down forBombshell, an upcoming action game that combines all three for a riotous time. On PC, Bombshell‘s receiving some special TLC in the form of NVIDIA GameWorks effects, which will further enhance the spectacle of Interceptor Entertainment’s shooter.



If you’re unfamiliar with our technologies and how they enhance games, here’s a brief overview before we look at Bombshell‘s effects in detail closer to the game’s release:


  • HBAO+: Adds high-quality contact shadows where two surfaces or objects meet, and where an object blocks light from reaching another nearby game element. The AO technique used and the quality of the implementation affects the shadowing’s accuracy, and whether new shadows are formed when the level of occlusion is low. With HBAO+, fidelity is at unprecedented, without a significant performance impact, making every scene of every level look better.


  • PhysX: Enables objects and particles to be rendered with realistic properties, and to interact with one-another. In Bombshell, particles are further enhanced by Particle Shadow Mapping, enable particles to cast shadows and be self-shadowed, greatly increasing fidelity of each particle effect.


  • Turbulence: Connected to PhysX, Turbulence enables particle effects to be manipulated by external forces, like shockwaves from explosions, wind from the environment, or the movement of characters. Particles warp and wrap around objects and surfaces in their path, and effects dissipate naturally, improving image quality and increasing realism.

To learn more about Bombshell, to see additional action from the game, check out the official Bombshell website. And for more about the NVIDIA GameWorks effects being integrated into Bombshell, check closer to game’s release, which is currently scheduled for “later this year”.


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