Diamond release overclocked & watercooled 4870 X2

Diamond LogoDiamond release their XOC³ H2O edition HD 4870 X2
Diamond MultiMedia have announced the release of their latest graphics card, a factory overclocked HD 4870 X2 that comes pre-fitted with a waterblock.
The card has been designated as the Diamond Radeon HD 4870 X2 – XOC³ H2O edition and the waterblock that comes bolted on to the card is made by Koolance.
Stated in the press release is that this card comes with an overclock of 50MHz on both core taking them to 800MHz each as well as having its memory ramped all the way up to 1100MHz (4400MHz effective) compared to the reference speeds 900MHz (3600MHz effective).
The overclock on the cores isn’t that extreme but still pretty decent compared to what has been seen using the stock cooling.  However, It’s a different story when it comes to the memory.. An overclock of 200MHz (800MHz effective) is massive.  Diamond would want these overclocks to be rock solid before selling the card, so for those with a high end water cooling system, there might be even more untapped potential lurking under the waterblock.  Adding fuel to the fire is that it’s reported that the card is unlocked to work at up to 990MHz on the GPUs and up to 1200MHz on the memory.
Now the likelyhood of getting anywhere near that on the cores is slim, but It could be fun trying!
According to the press release this card is available as of today at Smoothcreation but after a short search I couldn’t find it.
So then, if you’re in the market for the 4870 X2, would you consider a card that comes with a pre-fitted waterblock, or will you be waiting for the other aftermarket waterblocks from the likes of EK or Danger Den?
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