Dragon Front, the Oculus Exclusive TCG

Dragon Front, the new TCG for the VR age

Dragon Front, the new TCG for the VR age


High Voltage has just announced their newest game for the Oculus Rift, an immersive turn based card game called Dragon Front, which will task players to use a custom 30 card deck in order to battle against a human or AI opponent on a 4×4 grid for supremacy.

The game in many ways works like Magic the Gathering, where players must destroy their enemies HP and use mana to summon creatures or use Magic. VR will bring a whole new dimension to this TCG, bringing the player close to the combat and give a card game experience that is reminiscent of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime series.    



In the game the player can choose one of 4 factions and build a 30 card deck with a card pool of 250 cards, though more cards are going to be released at a later date. The game will feature a single player campaign and will have 3 add on packs which should bring more cards to the game in the future. 

The game will be released in the first half of this year and will be an Oculus Exclusive title. Releasing on the Oculus Rift only will limit this game’s options in terms of player count and longevity, though it might still prove successful if the single player component of the game is engaging. 


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