EVGA are auctioning off their Next-Gen “RTX 4090” graphics card for charity

EVGA are auctioning off their Next-Gen

EVGA’s RTX 4090 Prototype is currently for sale on EVGA’s Forums

Before the launch of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4090, EVGA announced that they would be terminating their long-running business partnership with Nvidia, citing the souring relationship between both companies and the constraints that EVGA were forced to work under. This meant that EVGA wouldn’t be releasing any RTX 40 series graphics cards, despite the fact that the company had already built fully functional RTX 4090 prototypes. 

So what will EVGA do with their ‘EVGA Next-Gen’ (RTX 4090 Prototype) graphics cards? Given EVGA’s terminated relationship with Nvidia, these prototypes will forever be rare collectors items for anyone who can obtain one. With this in mind, EVGA has decided to auction off one of their RTX 4090 prototypes to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which is a pioneer of children’s medicine.

Originally, EVGA had listed their EVGA Next-Gen GPU prototype on eBay, with the auction maxing out with a bid of $14,400. eBay swiftly removed this action from their site, due to the huge value of the item being sold, how new EVGA’s eBay account was, and the account’s lack of positive feedback. Now, EVGA are hosting their auction on their forums. 

EVGA are auctioning off their Next-Gen

Currently, the top bid on EVGA’s next-gen prototype is currently $8,700. The graphics card is fully functional, and EVGA has stated that they will not be providing any form of warranty with their GPU prototype, or accept returns. EVGA will only ship the graphics card to addresses in the US or Canada, and only EVGA forum members can bid on the graphics card. 

EVGA’s RTX 4090 prototype auction is due to end on December 16th at 11.59 AM PT (Noon). Following the auction, EVGA will email the highest bidder and discuss payment, and if they do not receive a response or don’t receive payment, EVGA will then email the next highest bidder. All payments will go directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, not to EVGA.

EVGA are auctioning off their Next-Gen

It is rare to see prototype hardware getting actioned, and even rarer to see prototype hardware being sold for such a new product. Since this graphics card is set to be one of the last that EVGA ever produces, it is certainly a collectors item, and a product that is almost entirely unique. Even so, a $8,700 bid for a graphics card is utter insanity, even if the product is this rare. 

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