Gainward To Drop ATI Altogether?

Gainward To Drop ATI Altogether?Gainward
A number of months ago Gainward announced they would no longer remain exclusive to Nvidia with their graphics cards, but instead launch a range of ATI Radeon cards alongside their Nvidia counterparts. Seemingly the transition looked to be going well, however, the word on the web is that Gainward are looking to drop ATI completely and head back to their one true love – Nvidia.
This is partly confirmed by the lack of HD4890 and HD4770 models from Gainward, with no plans to release any in the foreseeable future. It also appears that they have notified a number of distributors of the sudden change of heart to let them know they will be discontinuing their ATI lineup sooner rather than later.
Is this a little early to be throwing in the towel? I think so. The best is yet to come from both ATI and Nvidia and I for one would like to be in a position of offering both sets of cards to consumers. As no official announcement has yet been made Gainward may be playing a smart game in waiting to see what ATI’s dual chip 40nm RV870 card is like before jumping ship altogether.
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