Giants: Citizen Kabuto successor First Wonder hits Kickstarter

Giants: Citizen Kabuto successor First Wonder hits Kickstarter

Giants: Citizen Kabuto successor First Wonder hits Kickstarter


First Wonder, a spiritual successor to Giants: Citizen Kabuto has just hit Kickstarter. This game will be a 3rd person shooter just liike Giants and promises full singleplayer and multiplayer modes. 

In First Wonder you will be greeted with a massive world, vase amounts of exploration and very different modes of play with both the formidable Monstro and the small but mobile Cargonauts. 

The Cargonauts will take to the skies using their rocket packs and attempt to find and capture the terrifying Monstro with their large variety of tools and trapping tools. The Monstro will have an entirely different objective which will be to destroy objective after objective and fulfill an ancient prophesy which is unknown to the Cargonauts.



In a nutshell, First Wonder is… 

A spiritual successor to Co-Founder Nick Bruty’s previous games MDK & Giants: Citizen Kabuto.  

Soar over the islands as the scrappy jetpack-toting Cargonauts, utilizing all kinds of crazy sci-fi gear that gives them their abilities.

Crush your puny enemies beneath your feet as the huge and agile creature, Monstro.

Play as both character types in the single player campaign that starts with the Cargonauts’ accidental unleashing of Monstro, and reveals the mystery of his connection with the Majorcan Prophecies, with hilarious cutscenes reminiscent of the ones in Giants.  

Asymmetric Multiplayer with players able to play as either the Cargonauts or Monstro in goal-based matches.

Currently planned for release in late 2016 on PC on Steam and DRM-free on GoG or The Humble Store, with PS4 & Xbox One as stretch goals (other platforms may come up later). 



With today’s publishers being increasingly risk intolerant and game budgets becoming ever larger games which are novel like Giants: Citizen Kabuto have a very difficult time getting any attention, despite the prior success of such games. This has made Kickstarter one of the only places to get funding for these types of titles. 

If anything the developers behind this game say that they are taking a classic approach to developing this game, making the game unusual and full of interesting mechanics. This game will certainly not be your usual 3rd person shooter or Evolve 2.0. 


 First Wonder is our way of revisiting these classic ideas. We will once again visit colorful alien worlds reminiscent of the ones fans came to love and let players enjoy an unusual experience.First Wonder aims to recapture the sense of wonder and discovery from those early games in a modern, high-quality game that is only possible with your support.



Below is a portion of Gameplay which Rouge Rocket Games recently streamed on Twitch, showcasing gameplay for both factions and and an early look at the games mechanics.

Please remember that this game is in early development, so there is a lot of polish and assets to be added in the future. This is most notable when looking at the Island native inhabitants, who are literally cardboard cut-outs.  



Rouge Rocket games say that they want this game to be shaped by both their vision as a developer and improved further by the community and would love to know what the community thing of the game throughout it’s development. 

To achieve this they have created their own First Wonder community site dedicated to communicating to gamers and fans of this title. Backers will get special access to the forums, receiving more detailed and more regular progress updates on the game and give feedback to the developers earliest.


Kickstarting a game is a two way street, and that’s a great thing! In the old days, you had to do your best to guess what gamers want, and you have one shot to get close enough before you press it onto a disc for all of eternity. With Kickstarter, and the widespread marvel of e-connectivity now available through the Internet, we can connect directly with you, the gamers, and find out what matters to you, and give unprecedented access to the process of making games!

With this in mind, we have set up a really nice First Wonder community site dedicated to this project, created in partnership with Innervate. Here, backers will have special access to a “Backers only” forum section where we’ll be regularly telling our backers what’s new with the project, answering questions, and getting feedback on parts of the game as we make it. We really believe this is a vital part of the crowd funding process, and are excited to be making this a core part of the project.



Looking at this project’s backer awards we see the usual tiers like getting a downloadable version of the game, beta access, posters etc with the highest end backer level recieving a custom PC using some of the most recent components.

The “BIG RIG” tier is only available for two people, but it will cost the backer a stonking $10,000 for a PC which looks fantastic but is fairly basic for an Intel Skylake PC. 



Below is the Full specs for Big Rig Edition PC:

  • Intel Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz Quad-Core 1151 OEM 
  • Asetek 570LX Dual 120mm Liquid Cooler for CPUs 
  • Asus Z170-A 1151 CV 3×16 XFR/SLI 4D4 M64 GL ATX 
  • 16 GB DDR4-2133 PC4-17000 HyperX
  • GeForce GTX970 OC 4GD5 2DVI HDMI DSP
  • Samsung 500GB 2.5in SATA3 850 EVO SSD 
  • Seagate 2TB/8GB SATA3 7200RPM 64MB SSHD Hybrid 
  • Blu-ray Writer 16x SATA Black Optical Drive 
  • Corsair 1000 Watt 80 PLUS Platinum Modular Quiet 
  • 10/100/1000 Gigabit Network Onboard 
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home 32/64bit COA 
  • 1 Year Warranty On Labor & Parts


This game is no doubt something which Giants: Citizen Kabuto fans have been asking for for a very long time, so this project will no doubt receive a lot of interest. 

Personally i hope this game find success as niche titles like this are becoming rarer and rarer in today’s industry, but as always that Kckstarter model has it’s flaws and is always prone to failure, especially if the developer underestimates the funding it requires. 


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