Gigabyte’s 600/700 series Intel motherboards now support “Next Generation” processors

Gigabyte's 600/7000 series Intel motherboards now support

Gigabyte’s preparing to support “next generation” Intel CPUs on their existing LGA1700 motherboards

Gigabyte has released new BIOS/UEFI updates for their 600 series and 700 series Intel LGA 1700 motherboards, allowing them to support and power up Intel’s “next generation” processors. 

These new updates from Gigabyte confirm two things, first, that Intel plans to release another generation of LGA 1700 compatible processors, and that these processors will be supported on both Intel’s 600 series and 700 series motherboards. 

With the release of these new BIOS updates, rumours of Intel releasing “Raptor Lake Refresh” processors later this year seems increasingly likely. At this time it is unclear what Intel’s Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs will offer consumers, be it higher clock speeds than existing 13th Generation Raptor Lake CPUs, increased core counts, or additional cache. 

Gigabyte’s latest 600/700 series motherboard updates also deliver fixes for “Vulnerabilities Reported by Eclypsium Research“, which we reported on last week. Similar updates have also been released for AMD AM4 motherboards that address this issue, and Gigabyte is expected to release additional updates to fix this security issue on a broader range of AMD and Intel motherboards soon.

Gigabyte's 600/7000 series Intel motherboards now support

At Computex 2023, most major motherboard manufacturers showcased new Z790 motherboard designs that supported features like WIFI 7 and 5GB ethernet. These motherboards have likely been created to prepare the way for Intel’s upcoming “Raptor Lake Refresh” processors, which will likely be launched as Intel’s 14th generation of Core processors.

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