Intel delivers a real budget GPU with their new ARC A580

Better late than never – Intel launches their ARC A580 graphics card for the low-end GPU market

Let’s face it, the sub-$200 GPU market isn’t what is used to be. AMD and Nvidia rarely release new graphics cards within this price range, and when they do they are usually sub-par. Within this space, Intel can see room for a new ARC series graphics card, their 8GB ARC A580.

With an MSRP of $179, Intel’s new ARC A580 graphics card is designed for 1080p gaming at high settings. The GPU supports Intel’s XeSS AI upscaling technology, AV1 encoding, and promises solid 1080p gaming performance.

In recent months, Intel has transformed the performance of their ARC graphics cards in many games. Last week, Intel released a driver that delivered 5-119% performance gains in a huge list of DirectX 11 titles, and their latest driver promises up to 117% performance gains in Starfield at 1080p Ultra settings. Intel’s ARC GPU drivers are getting better and better.


With 24 Xe Cores ad 8GB of GDDR6 memory, Intel’s ARC A580 does not sit fer behind the company’s ARC A750 graphics cards in terms of raw hardware capabilities. That said, the ARC A580 does offer gamers a much lower core clock speed of 1700 MHz. That said, overclockers may be able to push this GPU to near ARC A750 speeds with enough effort. At launch, OC models are available from manufacturers that already push clock speeds to 2,000 MHz.

At launch, Intel’s A580 graphics cards will be available from partners like GUNNIR, Sparkle, and ASRock. Sadly, there is no day-1 availability for any of these graphics cards in the UK.

With their ARC A580, Intel is aiming to give gamers a solid experience in modern games at 1080p high settings. With XeSS support, Intel can boost the performance of their ARC A580 significantly, which is great news if you want to enable ray tracing.

The ARC A580 is designed for buyers that AMD and Nvidia no longer serve

While October 2023 may be a little late to launch a new ARC Alchemist graphics card, it cannot be denied that Intel’s new A580 GPU is a solid option for gamers in this price bracket. It has been a long time since either AMD or Nvidia has released a sub-$200 graphics card, so it is great to see Intel occupying this space.

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