Intel GPU Architecture Mapped Out

News Posted 12/04/07
Author: PV5150
Source: VR-Zone

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We get a sniff of Intel’s discrete graphics plans.

Beyond3D revealed the future Intel discrete graphics plans with slides from the Visual Computing Group. The architecture is based on 10+ mini-cores that has 10mm2 die size and 6.25W TDP each. Each core has 16-wide 512-bit vector unit capable of executing VLIW instructions. 10 of such cores will be sharing at least 4MB of L2 cache and has a total die size at 140mm2 and 90W TDP. Performance could hit 1.2TFlops. The slides also revealed some fixed functions units and a high-bandwidth memory I/O. Most probably the first card will be pairing up with GDDR5 memories to provide an off-die bandwidth of more than 150GB/s.


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