Lisa Su teases AMD’s Instinct OAM Accelerators for the first time

Lisa Su teases AMD's Instinct OAM Accelerators for the first time

AMD teases the future of Radeon Instinct and EPYC

AMD’s preparing themselves for their November 8th Accelerated Data Center keynote, where their CEO, Lisa Su, and their Senior VP and GM of Server Business Unit, Dan McNamara, and Senior VP and GM of Datacenter and Embedded Solutions Business Group, Forrest Norrod plan to reveal the company’s latest product innovations and showcase how they will impact future datacenters. 

At this event, AMD is expected to reveal new EPYC series processors and Instinct series accelerators. Currently, we expect to see V-Cache enhanced Zen 3 EPYC processors at the event, CPUs codenames Milan-X. On top of that, we expect to see AMD’s CDNA 2 accelerator architecture, the architecture behind their rumoured MI200 series Instinct accelerators. 

Based on the image above, which Lisa Su released on Twitter, AMD’s next series of Instinct accelerators will be available as OAM (OCP Accelerator Module) baseboards. The OAM form factor has been growing in popularity in recent years for various accelerator designs, being used by companies like Xilinx, Facebook, and other accelerator makers. 

The image above showcases two EPYC CPUs supporting up to eight OAM accelerators. These accelerators a presumably new Radeon Instinct accelerators. The OAM form factor allows users to better connect, power, and cool enterprise accelerators, making it a better solution to traditional PCIe form factor accelerator cards.  

AMD’s Accelerated Data Center will showcase the company as a major player within the enterprise market, competing with the likes of Nvidia and Intel favourably in many workloads. That said, only time will tell if AMD can become more successful in this market. We expect AMD to discuss their Infinity Fabric technology, V-Cache technology for server processors and other datacenter innovations. 

AMD’s Accelerated Datacenter keynote will be streamed on YouTube at 11 am ET/4 PM GMT. 

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