More GTX295 Details

More GTX295 Details

Right on the heels of the GTX295 name being released, a number of specifications have come out as well for the dual GT200 series GPU card.  As we already know, the GTX295 will utilize a dual-PCB design with a 55nm GT200 series GPU each.  Moving onto some of the hard numbers, things get a bit interesting.  Word is that the card will have 480 shaders (2×240) and will utilize a 896-bit memory interface (2×448-bit) with 1792MB of GDDR3.  Looking at the current GT200 cards, this means it has the shaders of the GTX280 and the memory interface of the GTX260.  Power consumption is forecasted to be a whopping 289W.

Not only have these specs been given out, but the guys over at VR-Zone have done it again, getting their hands on the first photo of the GTX295 card.  As we can see, the card follows the same inward-facing dual-PCB design of the previous 9800 GX2.  Power looks to be supplied by an 8-pin and 6-pin power connector.  We can see the card features the usual pair of DVI ports as well as what looks to be one of the as-of-yet adopted DisplayPort

The GTX295 is expected to be formally announced on January 8th of next year at CES 2009.

Excited to see how this long-expected beast will perform?

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