Nvidia At Work On A Combined CPU/GPU

Nvidia Logo

According to an online source, it appears that Nvidia are readying themselves to launch their own CPU. A while back Nvidia acquired themselves some ex-Intel employees; particularly of the kind who were deeply involved in design for x86.

Apparently development is underway at Nvidia’s just-announced Portland, Oregon, Design Center, where chip folk are busily working on 45nm designs. The project should bear fruit sometime in 2008, as Nvidia prepares plans to compete with Intel and AMD on the blended graphic and CPU concept.

Nvidia, it seems, are looking towards tapping into the OEM market in 2008   where the demand for a blended CPU and graphics concept will be in high demand. Similarly, AMD and Intel had previously stated that this is where they want to target as well, so Nvidia needs to join the crowd or be left out in the cold. Unless of course, it’s swallowed up in some kind of merger.

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