The Radeon VII’s MSRP is £649.99 in the UK – Includes Three Games!

The Radeon VII's MSRP is £649.99 in the UK

The Radeon VII’s MSRP is £649.99 in the UK – Includes Three Games!

Today marks the launch of AMD’s Radeon VII (Seven) graphics card, which means that now we finally know how much the graphics card will cost outside of the US.  

After looking at several major UK retailer, we have found that the majority of Radeon VII graphics cards cost £649.99, with some retailers selling stock for £699.99 or even for as much as £799.99. Given the fact that AMD’s Radeon VII has had a reference-only launch, which means that all GPU models utilise the same AMD designed cooler, our advice is for consumers to purchase the £649.99 models.

These pricing levels make AMD’s Radeon VII competitive with Nvidia’s cheapest RTX 2080 offerings, many of which ship with lower clock speeds than Nvidia’s £749 RTX 2080 Founders Edition. On top of that, AMD’s Radeon VII also ships with three free games when purchased from specific retailers. 

New Radeon VII graphics cards can be purchased with AMD’s “Raise the Game Fully Loaded” bundle, which offers PC gamers access to Resident Evil 2 (Full PC Performance Review Here), Devil May Cry 5 and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. This game bundle add a lot of extra value to AMD’s latest GPU offering, especially if end users can utilise the GPU’s 1TB/s of memory bandwidth and 16GB of VRAM in prosumer workloads. 

The Radeon VII's MSRP is £649.99 in the UK - Includes Three Games!  

AMD’s Radeon VII graphics cards are available in the UK from a variety of retailers, including Overclockers UK, Scan UK and eBuyer. All of which currently have £649.99 models available. 

If you are interested in the performance of AMD’s Radeon VII, please read our full review for the graphics card here. 

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