ViewSonic has launched the world’s first “Designed for Xbox” x2-4K LED gaming projector

ViewSonic has launched the world's first

ViewSonic’s new X2-4K Short Throw LED Projector is made with Gaming in mind

Today, ViewSonic has made history by releasing the world’s first “Designed for Xbox” gaming projector with their new X2-4K Short Throw LED Projector, which has been able to pass all 63 of Microsoft’s “Designed for Xbox” tests to become verified as a “true gaming projector”. 

Out of the box, this projector supports a native 4K 60 Hz output option, a native 1440p 120Hz output option, and a native 1080p 240Hz output option, giving gamers the ability to choose between ultra high resolutions and ultra high refresh rates. This projector supports features like ultra low latency mode, and sports dual Harman Kardon speakers. 

With this projector’s various output options, gamers can quickly move to the resolution or refresh rate setup that best suits the games that they are playing, be it 1440p 120Hz for high framerate experiences, or 4K 60 for games that feature a lower/capped framerate. This projector is well suited for all types of gaming, be it from Xbox, PlayStation, or PC hardware.

Sadly, this gaming projector has a high asking price, costing $1,599 in the US. For that, users are promised a 60,000 hour life span for this projector’s light source, which ViewSonic equates to “one movie per day for life.”

Below is what ViewSonic has to say about their new Xbox -branded gaming projector.


ViewSonic has launched the world's first

Press Release – ViewSonic Launches World’s First “Designed for Xbox” X2-4K LED Projector

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, introduces the X2-4K LED Projector for Xbox. World’s first “Certified for Xbox” projector, it projects the largest certified Xbox gaming experience of any device on the market and does so at a native 120 Hz refresh. It can deliver native 1440p resolution at a 120 Hz refresh rate experience from either of the Xbox Series X|S consoles. Other features include native 4K @ 60hz Ultra HD output, made possible by a larger DMD and TI XPR technology. Built-in Harman Kardon speakers provide an exciting, immersive audio experience.

In developing the X2-4K short-throw LED projector, ViewSonic partnered with Microsoft to deliver the best gaming experience to the Xbox community. The Xbox Series X|S consoles can use HDMI Consumer Electronics Control [CEC] to send commands to and from CEC-enabled devices. CEC allows the user to operate, via controller and from the comfort of their couch, the X2-4K power on/off, and volume. This works on any of the current gaming consoles with HDMI and CEC functionality and is certified CEC compatible by the team at Xbox.

“The X2-4K projector was developed to be considered a true gaming projector,” said Mia Shen, Sr. Business Line Manager at ViewSonic. “It went through 63 tests conducted by Team Xbox to ensure ultimate console compatibility and is designated as the world’s first ‘Designed for Xbox’ certified projector.”

X2-4K’s native 4K @ 60 Hz output and high brightness leads to a breathtaking 4K streaming experience. Xbox Series console owners can expect a great streaming experience when pairing their consoles with the X2-4K. The projector can output 1080p @ 240 Hz with a 4.2 ms response time for the fastest possible player reaction times for the PC gaming audience. It also features an Auto Low Latency Mode [ALLM] that allows users to choose an “Ultra-Fast Input with 1/10th of the delay compared to the average 4K television*.

The projector comes with a short throw lens with an adjustable 0.69-0.83 throw ratio, H/V keystone and 4-corner adjustment capabilities. It has TÃœV SÃœD’s Low Blue Light certification: certified to alleviate concerns of eye damage and discomfort caused by prolonged viewing.

ViewSonic X2-4K Short Throw LED Projector

– LED-based projector utilizing latest LED technology with native 4K Ultra HD HDR resolution
– Xbox exclusive resolution and refresh rate combinations: 1440p for Xbox games in 2K; 4K resolution for other video games and content
– 2,900 LED lumens of brightness; 4.2 ms ultra-fast response time; 240 Hz maximum refresh rate
– TÃœV SÃœD’s Low Blue Light certification: certified to alleviate concerns of eye damage and discomfort caused by prolonged viewing.
– Integrated dual Harman Kardon speakers
– 0.69-0.83 short-throw lens; horizontal/vertical keystone and 4-corner adjustment capabilities
– Up to 60,000 hour estimated usable light source life, equal to one movie per day for life.
– Available in July 2023 for an estimated street price of $1,599.99

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