AGON reveals its G-Sync Ultimate 300Hz AG274QGM QHD Monitor and GM510 Mouse

High refresh rates, HDR, and full G-Sync/Reflex compatability

AGON reveals its G-Sync Ultimate 300Hz AG274QGM QHD Monitor and AGON Gaming GM510 Mouse

Press Release - AGON by AOC announces NVIDIA Reflex-supported, 300 Hz, QHD AGON PRO gaming monitor and mouse

Amsterdam, 7 January 2022 – One of the world’s leading gaming monitor1 and IT accessories brands – AGON by AOC – is proud to announce the AGON PRO AG274QGM, a top speed mini LED monitor. The 68.6 cm (27”) AG274QGM boasts an IPS panel with QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), a whopping 300 Hz refresh rate, NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE support and includes the NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer. Complementing this impressive monitor, AGON by AOC announces that the gaming mouse AOC GAMING GM510 now supports NVIDIA Reflex, too, which can be used together with the AG274QGM to give players accurate figures on their system latency. Gamers can now enter competitive matches knowing their latency is as low as it can be and their fast reflexes are not hindered by their equipment. Let’s drop into the hot zone!

AGON reveals its G-Sync Ultimate 300Hz AG274QGM QHD Monitor and AGON Gaming GM510 Mouse

Gaming on the edge

In the competitive environment of fast-paced games, where victory is measured in milliseconds, the stakes are sky-high and a single miscalculated aim or even a slight input lag can mean an early loss. Games using NVIDIA’s Reflex API will reduce the input latency by dynamically synchronising Geforce GPUs with the CPU, so gamers can acquire targets faster, react quicker, and aim accurately. Furthermore, NVIDIA’s Reflex Analyzer suite can work in tandem with the NVIDIA Reflex supported monitors and input devices, letting users see exactly what their total system latency is and allowing them to jump into games knowing their PC is operating at the lowest possible latency.

Raising the bar

AGON PRO AG274QGM is built precisely for this competitive and skilled audience, where milliseconds matter. This ambitious gaming monitor offers an exceptional refresh rate of 300 Hz and just 1 ms GtG response time. AG274QGM boasts a QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), which is today’s sweet spot in terms of achieving high framerates and a high visual fidelity at the same time.

The AG274QGM’s wide-gamut IPS panel ensures wide viewing angles and great colour accuracy, backed with a patented colour calibration by NVIDIA. The mini LED backlight of the monitor consists of 576 dimmable zones, enabling the monitor to achieve the VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certification for eye-catching bright visuals and deep blacks, resulting in a truly immersive visual experience. Combined with the high refresh rate of 300 Hz, this makes the AG274QGM, a top speed mini LED monitor. Furthermore, this model comes with the NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE technology, to enable users the benefits of a variable refresh rate to eliminate stuttering and tearing. What is more, it reduces input lag even when high-fidelity features such as lifelike HDR is enabled. The built-in G-SYNC module offers variable overdrive, where the pixel responsiveness is optimised for changes in the refresh rate. The AG274QGM lets gamers enjoy a truly ghosting-free experience at less-than-ideal framerates.

Additionally, the AG274QGM includes the NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer. This module detects clicks coming from a gaming mouse and measures the time to the resulting pixels to change (e.g. a muzzle flash of a gun) on the display. For more flexibility in everyday use, the AG274QGM comes with four USB 3.2 ports, giving users direct connectivity for their peripherals such as a keyboard or mouse. The green marked USB port among its connections is designated for the integration with the NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer.

AGON reveals its G-Sync Ultimate 300Hz AG274QGM QHD Monitor and AGON Gaming GM510 Mouse

AGON by AOC also highlights another gaming mouse that supports the NVIDIA Reflex feature. After launching the ambidextrous GM500 gaming mouse in 2021, AGON by AOC now presents the new AOC GAMING GM510 NVIDIA Reflex mouse. This extraordinary, right-handed mouse boasts an unusual honeycomb pattern, with an otherworldly appearance. This unique shape and structure makes the mouse as lightweight as possible (58 g). The reduced contact points and breathable design of the mouse make it much more comfortable to handle. Equipped with a high-quality Pixart PMW3389 sensor and durable Kailh switches rated for 80 million clicks, the AOC GM510 offers true 16000 DPI, 50 g acceleration and 400 inches per second tracking accuracy. In combination, these credentials make it a proper high-precision tool for competitive gamers.

Since both of these products support NVIDIA Reflex, the GM510 mouse can be connected to the AG274QGM’s dedicated Reflex USB port, giving gamers instant, exact feedback on their system latency. In the competitive gaming world, where reaction times and low latency are of utmost importance, the AG274QGM and GM510 will be a gamer’s best teammates. Thus equipped, gamers can easily address any system latency issues and improve their systems’ performance to instant-like feedback. Fast-paced, high-octane gaming in the competitive scene has never been more exciting!

The availability and the RRP of AGON PRO AG274QGM are not yet confirmed.

The AOC GAMING GM510 mouse is already available at the RRP of £35.99.

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07-01-2022, 20:41:58

Are Nvidia seriously going ahead with this?

Why is that every time they are doing well they come up with a load of proprietary crap and think every one will buy it.

God I hope Intel smack them in the face.Quote

07-01-2022, 21:04:52

Cause too many people have supported it for far too long rather than doing as i am and never buying an Nvidia product again.Quote

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