Early Nvidia RTX 40 series Specifications Leak - Expect lots of VRAM!

Expect high TDPs and lots of memory

Early Nvidia RTX 40 series Specifications Leak - Expect lots of VRAM!

Expect Nvidia to offer more generous amounts of VRAM with their RTX 40 series

Hardware leakers have started talking about Nvidia's RTX 40 series of graphics cards, signalling that Nvidia will be offering more generous amounts of video memory with their upcoming Lovelace series of graphics cards.

While Nvidia's RTX 4090 allegedly offering users 24GB of GDDR6X memory, like its predecessor, the RTX 3090, Nvidia's RTX 4080 is said to offer users 16GB of GDDR6X memory. That represents a 60% increase in graphics memory over Nvidia's standard RTX 3080 10GB graphics card. 

For Nvidia's RTX 4070, Nvidia's reportedly offering users 12GB of GDDR6 memory, giving users a 50% increase in GPU memory over today's RTX 3070 graphics cards. This cements an expectation that future games will utilise more GPU memory, especially when targeting high resolutions like 4K, 5K or 8K.

Early Nvidia RTX 40 series Specifications Leak - Expect lots of VRAM!

Sadly, it is unknown how many CUDA cores Nvidia's RTX 40 series will offer, of what architectural enhancements the RTX 40 series will deliver over their predecessors. That said, we expect to see significant performance gains from Nvidia's RTX 40 series products, especially if their higher-end models start targeting higher TGP (total graphics power) ratings.

Nvidia's RTX 4090 is reportedly designed to consume up to 600 watts of power, while the RTX 4080 is said to have a similar TGP (we have estimated a value of 500W). Nvidia's RTX 4070 is said to consume 300 watts of power, which likely means that Nvidia's RTX 4070 will run at lower clock speeds and likely be more power efficient than its larger counterparts.

The RTX 40 series is due to launch in Q3 or Q4 of 2022, with some sources claiming that Nvidia is targeting a September/October release timeframe.

 RTX 4090RTX 4080RTX 4070
ArchitectureAda Lovelace
GPU CoreAD102AD103AD104
Memory Speed21 Gbps21 Gbps???
Power1x 16-pin1x 16-pin1x 16-pin


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Most Recent Comments

28-04-2022, 11:23:53

I'll wait for the inevitable 4080 Ti next year.Quote

28-04-2022, 11:42:20

Man, I'm so torn on this generation... I mean, I need a new GPU now so I'll get my first chance to buy an RTX 30 GPU and will definitely skip RTX 4000, but it looks to be the best NVIDIA generation in the last 10 years while at the same time being the worst...

These cards will probably be extremely unreliable having issues with cold solder joints thanks to extreme heat up and cool down cycles given so much power is being pulled from those circuits... At the same time I fully expect cards bending, crashing, probably catching fire again due to trying to deal with this amount of power. Not to mention electricity bills, and exploding PSUs with a card like this...

I mean you can easily have a 1000W computer if you have a 600W GPU in it... That's like a Small sandwich grill, but instead of using it for 10 minutes and turning it off you'll use it for hours and hours. NVIDIA will need to fix this power demand next generation around or I'll just have to ditch GPUs and play all my games from the cloud.

Yet... It seems it's the first generation period, were NVIDIA isn't skimping on VRAM... And that's great, mid-range and especially lower-end NVIDIA GPUs always tend to lose relevance a few years down the line mostly because they don't have enough VRAM for newer games even though they still have the power to run them... I still feel so bad about all the people who bought a GTX 970, or a 3GB 1060, that is less capable of playing some newer games than a 1050Ti just because it only has 3GB of VRAM... Not to talk about those who bought a 1GB 750Ti, poor people. An even with high-end NVIDIA cards usually losing driver support before having VRAM issues they would still play modern games way better if they had more VRAM even without proper driver support.Quote

28-04-2022, 13:22:51

Should i log in to Nvidia's web shop and start spamming F5, now, for pre-ordering?


28-04-2022, 13:35:55

**Value Simulator 2.0**
/Password **********
/10 calculate "Nvidia"+"Value"

**Your computer has crashed. Please try inserting more than 3TB of RAM for this calculation, as the memory overflowed when trying to compute this equation**Quote

28-04-2022, 14:01:20

The "lots of VRAM" in the title made me expect more. It's more like NVIDIA will match AMD's current gen RAM.Quote

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