Nvidia showcases incredible Overwatch 2 Performance and Latency numbers with GeForce GPUs

500+ FPS in Overwatch 2 at 1440p - Nvidia's RTX 4090 is a beast

Nvidia showcases incredible Overwatch 2 Performance and Latency numbers with GeForce GPUs

Nvidia showcases incredible performance numbers in Overwatch with their RTX 40 series

Overwatch 2 launched yesterday, and Nvidia has been quick to showcase how well their new RTX 40 series graphics cards can run the game on PC. With their new RTX 4090, Nvidia has showcased an average framerate of 507 FPS in Overwatch 2 at 1440p Ultra settings, and incredibly low latencies. 

Nvidia has claimed that Blizzard has increased the framerate cap of Overwatch 2 from 400 FPS to 600 FPS as a direct result of Nvidia's RTX 40 series GPU launch. Overwatch 2 also supports Nvidia's latency reducing Reflex technology, which minimises game latency to make games feel more responsive. 

In competitive games, Nvidia's Reflex technology is one of Nvidia's flagship features, as decreased game latencies can give players competitive advantages.

Below we can see performance numbers from Nvidia's RTX 40 series and RTX 30 series. Below we can see how framerates impact game latency, and why competitive gamers like playing games at the highest framerates possible.

Nvidia showcases incredible Overwatch 2 Performance and Latency numbers with GeForce GPUs

Nvidia Reflex and why latency matters  

Nvidia has been pushing latency as one of the most important metrics when judging someone's gaming experience. Traditionally, gamers can reduce the latency of their games by increasing the framerates at which they game at. Higher framerates require shorter rendering times, and shorter rendering times decrease the amount of time that it takes for your actions and new information to appear on screen. 

With Reflex, Nvidia has given developers a way to decrease the latencies of their games on GeForce hardware. This allows gamers to access the benefits of decreased game latencies without needing hardware that is powerful enough to play their games at obscenely high framerates. 

With Reflex enabled, Nvidia's RTX 3080 can achieve the same latencies as Nvidia's RTX 4090 without Reflex (see the chart below). In Framerate terms, Nvidia's RTX 4090 can achieve a 2x framerate boost over Nvidia's RTX 3080. Nvidia's Reflex technology can give gamers a huge latency advantage, especially on Nvidia's lower-end hardware. just look at the RTX 3060 results below.

Lower latencies give gamers a competitive advantage, enabling them to get more kills in competitive shooters and better support their teams in other titles. 

Nvidia showcases incredible Overwatch 2 Performance and Latency numbers with GeForce GPUs

With the performance data that Nvidia has revealed today, the company has showcased that their RTX 3080 10GB isn't too far behind their RTX 4080 12GB, and that their RTX 4090 graphics card is far ahead of their RTX 4080 16GB. 

It is worth noting that Overwatch 2 is a game that lacks support for Nvidia's DLSS technology and lacks support for ray tracing. Overwatch is a game that is designed to run at high framerates, and that means that it does not use overly demanding graphical effects like ray tracing. Ray tracing and AI are the areas where Nvidia's RTX 40 series have delivered their largest performance leaps, making their generational performance gains look lacking in non-AI and non-ray traced games like Overwatch 2. 

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