Specifications Of GeForce 8800Ultra And GeForce 8950GX2

News Posted 30/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: ocworkbench

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Our online source (via xtreview) have some juicy details on the up-and-coming 8800Ultra and 8950GX2.

GeForce 8950 GX 2 consists of 2 x G80 GPUs on one card. It has 2 X 96 stream processors, 2 X 320- bit memory system bus , 2 X 640 mb. It wil use GDDR-4, frequency 575/2000 MHz, the frequency of shader domain is 1700 MHz, recommended retail price $649.

GeForce 8800 Ultra comes with 128 stream processors, 384- bit memory system bus. It has 768 mb memory of type GDDR-4, frequency 650/2200 MHz, the frequency of shader domain 1800 MHz, recommended retail price $549.

According to them, the GeForce 8950 GX2 will be on average up to 50% faster than GeForce 8800 GTX but it will require a better PSU that what is spec. for 8800GTX. A water cooled version of the 8950GX2 is in the pipeline.

GeForce 8800 Ultra is an overclocked G80 with frequency pumped up from 1200-1350 MHz to 1700-1800 MHz. It will be 30% faster than the GeForce 8800 GTX, although the core and memory frequencies will also grow from 575/1800 MHz to 650/2200 MHz. These video cards will be costly and will be limited.

* The above information is preliminary and might not reflect the actual spec that is to be published during launch time.

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