US retailer Microcenter reveals RTX 4080 pricing - $1199-$1549

Some RTX 4080 models will only be $50 cheaper than MSRP RTX 4090 GPUs

US retailer Microcenter reveals RTX 4080 pricing - $1199-$1549

Here's how much Nvidia's RTX 4080 is expected to cost in the US

Thanks to product listings from Microcenter, we now know the US pricing of various RTX 4090 GPU models, with many hitting Nvidia's MSRP value of $1199.99 while others cost as much as $1549.99. This makes premium RTX 4080 models up to $350 more expensive than baseline models. 

The most expensive RTX 4080 graphics card that was listed by Microcenter comes from ASUS, with their ROG Strix RTX 4080 OC model costing $1549.99. Second is ASUS' RTX 4080 TUG Gaming OC, which has a list price of $1499.99, with its non-OC variant costing $1199.99. 

Below are the listed RTX 4080 prices from Microcenter

- ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 4080 OC: $1,549.99
- ASUS RTX 4080TUF OC: $1,499.99
- ZOTAC AMP RTX 4080 AIRO: $1,399.99
- MSI RTX 4080 SUPRIM X: $1,399.99
- MSI RTX 4080 GAMING X TRIO: $1,324.99
- MSI RTX 4080 VENTUS 3X OC: $1,279.99
- GIGABYTE RTX 4080 GAMING OC: $1,269.99
- GIGABYTE RTX 4080 EAGLE OC: $1,239.99
- PNY RTX 4080 XLR8 VERTO: $1,199.99
- ASUS RTX 4080 TUF: $1,199.99
- ZOTAC RTX 4080 TRINITY: $1,199.99
- GIGABYTE RTX 4080 EAGLE: $1,199.99

US retailer Microcenter reveals RTX 4080 pricing - $1199-$1549

What about Nvidia's cheaper RTX 4080 12GB?

Nvidia originally planned to launch 12GB and 16GB variants of their RTX 4080 graphics card, with their 12GB model launching with a baseline price of $899 while the 16GB model had a baseline price of $1199. After releasing benchmarks for both graphics cards, it became clear to consumers that Nvidia's RTX 4080 12GB graphics card was significantly weaker than Nvidia's RTX 4080 16GB GPU, so much so that the 12 GB models' RTX 4080 branding was seen as misleading by many consumers. 

With Nvidia's own benchmarks showcasing benchmarks that were 25% behind their RTX 4080 16GB, Nvidia's RTX 4080 12GB became a product that was increasingly difficult for the company to justify. As such, the company decided to "unlaunch" their RT 4080 12GB graphics card. Rumour has it that Nvidia's RTX 4080 12GB will return with RTX 4070 Ti branding and a lower price tag. 

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Most Recent Comments

11-11-2022, 16:01:09

These prices are disgusting.Quote

11-11-2022, 16:52:22

Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
These prices are disgusting.

In comparison to older cards, even the 10xx series, possible work load capabilities, on the new cards is astounding.
But yeah, so are the prices.

I'd love to see a true breakdown of costs though, there's too many guesstimates out there, and little substance. But how much is profit? How much is cost to manufacture?Quote

11-11-2022, 17:53:57

Originally Posted by dazbobaby View Post
In comparison to older cards, even the 10xx series, possible work load capabilities, on the new cards is astounding.
But yeah, so are the prices.

I'd love to see a true breakdown of costs though, there's too many guesstimates out there, and little substance. But how much is profit? How much is cost to manufacture?
It's not guesstimates. It is proven, because Jen needs to declare it to his share holders. He even does conferences explaining this over video.

Nvidia were making 60% on Pascal and prior GPUs. They are now taking 70%. So that is the cost of the materials and the honking expensive cooler, plus 70%.

They sell "kits" to OEMs. This includes a GPU die, and the VRAM. They do not allow vendors to buy VRAM from Micron or whoever else, so they sell that "kit" @ 70% profit. The OEM then needs to put that on a card, including all of their materials, and still try and make a profit. This is why EVGA left Nvidia. Because Nvidia are slitting their own board partner's throats by selling "Founders editions" at their 70% on the completed card. It is why OEMs can not match Nvidia's pricing, even on a pile of plastic tat.

The rest of the reasons are purely down to cost, and what it costs to make RT capable GPUs. This has been a thing since Turing, and will not change at the high end. It will only get increasingly more expensive to produce those cards.

And that is why AMD -

1. Are not trying to beat the 4090. They could, but they would have to charge £1600 for their GPU and

2. Are switching to "gluing" chiplets together to reduce costs. Nvidia are not having any of that. Maybe because they simply can't, as this is just a bleed through effect of Ryzen's design they are using on their GPUs now.

All of this, IMO, has been a knock on effect of Nvidia failing in other ventures. Things like trying to make CPUs, Android boxes, and etc. And their failure to secure ARM. This means their only income is from GPUs, meaning if they want to keep their share holders happy they need to keep increasing the costs of to make their shares worth owning.

It won't change, and it won't get better only worse. I can not emphasise that more.Quote

12-11-2022, 09:13:46

Worse for who, though? I know GPU's aren't used only by gamers. But they are a large chunk of Nvidia's customers. And for gamers this is just a thing that enables them to engage in their hobby. For Nvidia it's their entire business model. If gamers aren't able to buy Nvidia's products, they can go to AMD and maybe even Intel in the future. These prices are unsustainable. Nvidia can't honestly expect people to suddenly be able pay more for a GPU than what used to be the price of an entire mid to high-end system just a few years ago.Quote

12-11-2022, 12:42:38

i wrote it before.... but again, i dont know who is buying these GPU´s.

as an engineer and most of my surroundings are upper middle class people with a decent income... i don´t know anyone who bought a 1500+ euro GPU from his own money.
the only people i know with these cards got it paid by their employers.

maybe i am living in a strange bubble and outside my bubble people spend a lot more on gaming hardware. maybe parents buying 2000 euro GPU´s now for their children.

i wonder... does nvidias "game" work?

are people willing to buy 30 series cards because of the stupid 40 series price?

i hear 30 series prices are dropping in the US but they are still too high here (iyam).

i watch prices here in germany at mindfactory, alternate and a few other places.
and imo the 30 series is still stupidly priced. who buys a 1200 euro 3080 TI today?

i could buy a 10GB 3080 from some lesser know brands for around 800 euro.
gigabyte, asus, msi is closer to 900-1000 euro.
but that´s still too much in 2022 with the next generation at the doorstep.Quote

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