Watch AMD's RDNA 3 GPU reveal here

RDNA 3 is coming!

Watch AMD's RDNA 3 GPU reveal here

AMD's revealing its Radeon RX 7000 series of graphics cards today

Today, AMD are hosting their "Together We Advance_Gaming" event, where the company plans to reveal their new RDNA 3 graphics architecture and their Radeon RX 7000 series of graphics cards. 

With RDNA 3, AMD promises to deliver a significant leap in gaming performance and power efficiency over today's RX 6000 series of RDNA 2 graphics cards. This will be achieved with a new chiplet-based GPU design that uses rearchitected compute units, a new silicon lithography node, next-generation Infinity Cache, and other design innovations.  

Below are the times that AMD's RDNA 3 reveal will start

UK (London): 8 PM 
USA (New York): 4:00 PM
USA (Las Vegas):1 PM
Central European Time: 9:00 PM
China (Beijing): 04:00 AM
Australia (Sydney): 7:00 AM

Tonight, we expect AMD to detail the pricing, performance and rough specifications for their Radeon RX 7000 series of graphics cards. It remains to be seen if Nvidia's RDNA 3 architecture will be able to surpass Nvidia's RTX 4090, but we can be sure that AMD will have a lot of interesting things to show us. 

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Most Recent Comments

03-11-2022, 20:46:56

Boom headshot

Obviously we need reviews, but the prices more in line with what you'd expect.

I noticed 96fps in ACV @8k I get around 110fps in 1440p on my 6800XT I'd say that is quite the leap in performance Quote

03-11-2022, 20:53:50

$999 for their top end card 7900XTX that looks like it could match the 4090, I can see Nvidia price drops incoming

03-11-2022, 21:14:26

I think the most important part of this announcement is that it suggests the product stack will stay at roughly the same pricepoints as last generation.

This is good, because with Nvidia's 4080/70 card initially prices at at least £900, they obviously plan for the one everyone actually buys, the 4060, to be beyond £500.

This should force a strategy change.Quote

03-11-2022, 22:09:24

That was the worst presentation I have ever seen.

8k FSR FSR yada ya. Everything they showed was using FSR, which is total crap. I used it once and it made me feel very ill.

That said when I see the actual performance I may actually be impressed, and I think the prices are very reasonable.

I don't think Nvidia will be dropping their prices. Firstly it will be ages before you can buy one of these cards at anything closely resembling the RRP and secondly Nvidia will not change their 70%. They can't, because of the share holders.

What I am 99% will happen is they will replace their entire current lineup with a new one in order to keep their prices where they are.

So don't be expecting bargain RTX any time soon, unless you buy a 30 series card.

Also, these are not the cards people buy. I'm more interested to see the 7 and 8 cards. Because if the main die is much smaller yet it keeps those cheap AF chiplets around it they could be very cheap.

Overall though I'm quite pleased. The only thing I am concerned about is the I word. Interposer. They've long been problematic for AMD.Quote

03-11-2022, 22:28:17

I don't feel these are looking to have a fight with the 4090, but more the 4080/70 cards hence the price, but I do think it's a good first look and that is all it is we need reviews.

I agree that watching the presentation at times was cringing.

I find FSR to be decent it depends more on the game your playing in some it works really well in others not so well, but I do like RSR that i find works better from my experience.

Hard to say exaclty how these perform as the 1.5x 1.7x is guess work i'd have prefered actual footage and numbers, but overall it does seem to be a decent jump.

Least the prices are more reasonable which means little change in the stack or prices so the lower end cards should similar prices but i doubt we'll see them until the new year.

for me it's wait another gen or 2 I'd like FSR3 to work but i'm doubtfull it will on 6k series.

The hyper X has me intrested but yet again idk if it'll work on 6k or if any of these new bells and whistles are just software improvements.

until we get reviews we have little to go on other than price and the simple fact the cards are a normal size not south park cartman jobs like nvidias LULQuote

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