Corsair Shows Off DDR3

News Posted 15/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: The Inquirer

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Corsair have been showing off some of their up and coming goodies at CeBIT 07. Amongst their new product lines are some highly anticipated DDR3 memory at 800/1066/ and 1333Mhz respectively to compliment Intel’s ‘BearLake’ chipset. But, according to the source:

Corsair will not launch until there are chipsets that use the RAM, but when that happens in a few months, it expects to also have DDR3/1600 available.

Corsair DDR3 1066 RAM

DDR3/1066 running on a P35 chipset

According to the manufacturer, there has been no solid pricing fixtures for the RAM yet. But, expect it to be on the pricey side initially.

Corsair has also made available for viewing, some new XMS DHX memory and Survivor Flash memory sticks:

First up is the new XMS DHX memory, the silver ones behind the classic black Dominators. The DHX part is the longer PCB and the heatsink, and this will be coupled with the standard XMS memory giving you the oddly named XMS DHX. The Dominators will be the same PCB and heatsink with the fastest grade of memory, so the XMS DHX will be a lot cheaper.  The other one is really interesting, the Survivor memory sticks. These are screw on aluminium cases with rubber seals. They are not indestructible but are much harder to wound than a normal stick. They come in normal and GT flavors, and pricing for these should be in line with the same type of Voyager parts, not much if any more.

Corsair Lineup
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