DDR3 Is Better: Low Latency, Low Power, High Bandwidth

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We all know that Intel’s Bearlake chipset will support DDR3 when it’s released sometime around Q2 2007, but Intel isn’t expecting DDR3 to become mainstream technology until 2009.

Charles Chang, Intel’s supplier Manager, said during IDF Fall 06 that the company has received DDR3 samples from different manufacturers, and they are working fine on the Intel platform. DDR3 is scheduled in mass production in Q107 and available in the market in a quarter later in Q207, an online source has reported.

You can see from the images below that DDR3 has a better Bandwidth per watt. Compared to DDR2-800, DDR3-800/1067/1333 use only 72%, 83%, and 95% of power. DDR3 is better at both power saving and bandwidth enhancement.

Latency Improvement

Higher Bandwidth

Additional Images

DDR3 power Savings

Samsung DDR3

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