XPG's promising DDR5 DIMMs with stonking fast 12600 MT/s speeds

Take that DDR4

XPG's promising DDR5 DIMMs with stonking fast 12600 MT/s speeds

XPG's promising DDR5 DIMMs with stonking fast 12600 MT/s speeds

ADATA and their XPG gaming division are ready for the transition to DDR5, promising bandwidth levels that are significantly higher than today's DDR4 modules and per DIMM capacities up to 64GB at launch. 

With their standard DDR5 modules, ADATA pledges to deliver speeds of up to 8400 MT/s at 1.1V with 64GB modules. Not bad for a module that lacks a dedicated heatsink. 

While ADATA promises ECC (error correction code) support with their DDR5 modules, it is worth noting that the ECC support within the DDR5 memory standard isn't what we'd call true EEC support. The ECC support on standard DDR5 memory is on-die ECC support, which s not the same as the ECC support we see in enterprise-grade DDR4 memory modules. 

DDR5 supports on-die EEC this function, but it does not offer the same protection as the ECC support on ECC DDR4 memory modules. On-die ECC helps DDR5 reach higher levels of stability and address on-die errors, enabling the standard to achieve higher frequencies; it is not the same data security mechanism that consumers associate with ECC. Enterprise-grade ECC DDR5 DRAM modules will utilise DDR5's on-die ECC functions and traditional side-band ECC techniques to deliver enhanced protection. On-die ECC does not protect modules from DDR channel errors or similar faults.  

With that clarification out of the way, it is clear that ADATA promises a lot of performance with their DDR5 memory modules. 8400 MT/s is nothing to scoff at, especially for what appears to be entry-level module designs. It says a lot of DDR5 when these speeds will be available on a module that has a green PCB. Hardware enthusiasts are going to get even faster DDR5 kits!


    ADATA also unveiled its next-generation DDR5 memory module, which sports frequencies of 8400 MT/s, up to 163% faster than DDR4. This performance boost will allow files and tools to load faster for seamless multitasking and enhanced creative productivity. What's more, the module will operate at 1.1 V for improved power efficiency and comes with capacities of up to 64 GB.

 XPG's promising DDR5 DIMMs with stonking fast 12600 MT/s speeds  

Even faster kits from XPG

XPG, ADATA's gaming brand, will be launching its own DDR5 memory modules, promising users voltage ranges of 1.1V to 1.6V and maximum speeds of up to 12600 MT/s. 

At this time, it is unclear when ADATA plans to release their 12600MT/s modules, as releasing such high-speed modules at DDR5's launch seems like an overly ambitious target. That said, it looks like ADATA's willing to push voltages to 1.6V, which is significantly higher than DDR5's standard 1.1V. 


    As with ADATA, XPG will launch new DDR5 memory modules later this year. This next-generation DRAM module will deliver speeds of up to 12600 MT/s for smoother gameplay and enhanced productivity.

 XPG's promising DDR5 DIMMs with stonking fast 12600 MT/s speeds

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