AGEIA Joins FutureMark’s Benchmark Development Program

FutureMark Logo

Benchmarking software company Futuremark today announced that PhysX accelerator creator AGEIA has joined the 3DMark Benchmark Development Program.

Oliver Baltuch – FutureMarks VP of Sales and Marketing has been quoted as saying “Futuremark is pleased to welcome AGEIA to the 3DMark BDP. AGEIA brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in hardware acceleration of real-time physics to the BDP, and their advances in the marketplace offer great promise to the PC gaming environment”

AGEIA has also spoken openly about the union stating that ” AGEIA recognizes that our participation in the specification and development of Futuremark’s 3DMark will help us deliver the best performing physics acceleration solutions in the PC industry.”

If you would like to know more about AGEIA’s PhysX hardware, head over to their website.

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