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News Posted 08/04/07
Author: PV5150
Source: Tech News World

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Boostaroo Revolution is a tiny, high-definition portable amplifier and splitter for use with your iPod or any other audio device that has a headphone mini jack. According to its manufacturer, “The Revolution will give your audio an expansive 400 percent increase in volume, while at the same time providing high-definition sound.
Our patented circuit breaks apart compressed audio signals into three separate audio channels. This effect not only produces a highly defined sound, but creates imaged surround sound as well.  I can neither confirm nor deny those claims.


What I can confirm is that the Revolution improves the sound of my iPods quite a bit. It makes cheap headphones — like the ones that come with your iPod — sound better, and makes better-quality headphones sound fantastic.

Interested? You can find additional information here and according to their website, the current asking price is US$49.99

Boostaroo Revolution

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