Direct Wireless Connectivity Of Up To 12 Gigabits Per Second!

News Posted 11/12/2006
Author: PV5150
Source: CSIRO

Scientists in Australia have developed a new approach to wireless networking that allows a DVD quality movie file to be transferred from one machine to another in less than a second. The system represents the first step direct wireless connectivity of up to 12 gigabits per second and could find applications in urban wireless networks, emergency response situations, and other environments where wired networking is not practical.

The CSIRO ICT Centre has announced that it has achieved over six gigabits per second over a point to point wireless connection with the highest efficiency (2.4bits per second per Hertz) ever achieved for such a system. Multi-gigabit links operate at speeds that leave current wireless networks standing. For example, the entire works of Shakespeare could be transmitted over this six gigabit link in under seven thousandths of a second or a full DVD movie file in just over three quarters of a second. The team can transmit sixteen simultaneous streams of DVD quality video over a 250 metre link with no loss of quality or delays.

This impressive demonstration nevertheless only utilises one quarter of the capacity of the link. Jay Guo, Director of the Wireless Technologies Laboratory at CSIRO said that this breakthrough is just a first stage towards direct connections of up to 12 gigabits per second.

“The system is suitable for situations where a high-speed link is needed but it is too expensive or logistically difficult to lay fibre, such as in congested urban environments, and across valleys and rivers,” Guo said. “The system is also ideal for creating networks to meet short-term needs such as emergencies and large events.”

The system operates at 85GHz in the millimetre-wave part of the electromagnetic spectrum (above 55 GHz) which offers the potential for these enormous speeds and is not yet congested by other wireless applications.

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