Nvidia has plans for the AI PC market – “Come Back Next Year!”

Nvidia may be working on a Qualcomm-like SoC for future AI PCs

In a video interview with Bloomberg, Nvidia’s Jensen Huang and Dell’s Michael Dell have hinted that Nvidia has plans to directly compete with Qualcomm, Intel, and AMD in the AI PC market. Today, Nvidia already supply AI-ready discrete graphics cards for PCs, but they do not provide processors with AI capabilities.

Now, it looks like Nvidia may be planning to release a Qualcomm-like ARM-based processor for Windows PCs. This chip will feature Nvidia’s graphics and AI capabilities, creating an interesting hardware package for gamers and AI enthusiasts alike.

Recently, there have also been reports that Nvidia are working with Qualcomm’s competitors to create SoCs with Nvidia’s AI and graphics technologies. There are reports that Nvidia are working with Mediatek on an AI/gaming SoC, though it is also possible that Nvidia could design their own bespoke chips.

Below is what was said after Bloomberg asked Nvidia’s CEO about their place in the AI PC market. Based on the response, it looks like Nvidia plans to enter the AI PC market.

Bloomberg’s Ed Ludlow: Jensen, where is Nvidia’s place in the AI PC? I know Nvidia as “Gaming”, I grew up with the gaming side of Nvidia. Do you have a place in the AI PC market?

Michael Dell (Dell): come back next year

Jensen Huang (Nvidia CEO): Exactly

(Bloomberg’s interview with Jensen Huang, Michael Dell, and Bill McDermott)

Windows on ARM has become more viable than ever before, making now a great time for Nvidia to potentially enter the PC market. Nvidia has created ARM processors before. Nvidia has ther “Grace” server processors and in the form of the Tegra series chips. The latter chips were are used in tablets, Android TV devices, and Nintendo’s Switch console. Nvidia could easily create their own chips for Windows PCs. Alternatively, Nvidia could license their AI and GPU technology to other companies to enter this market.

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