Nvidia employs new Chief Scientist

Professor Bill Dally - New Chief Scientist at NVIDIANVIDIA Appoints new Chief Scientist

The ex-Chairman of the Computer Science Department at Stamford University, Professor William Dally, has been appointed NVIDIA’s new Chief Scientist and Vice President of Research. He will be replacing David Kirk, who has now been made an NVIDIA fellow. 

With a long and established career, Daly had been a Professor at Stamford University since 1997, and took the role of Chairman of the Computer Science department in 2005. The team he worked with there developed the system architecture, network architecture, signaling, routing and synchronization technology that is found in most large parallel computers today. He is also co-credited with designing the MOSSIM Simulation Engine and the Torus Routing chip which pioneered “wormhole” routing and virtual-channel flow control. Nvidia CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang said of the new appointment:

“I am thrilled to welcome Bill to NVIDIA at such a pivotal time for our company, his pioneering work in stream processors at Stanford greatly influenced the work we are doing at NVIDIA today. As one of the world’s founding visionaries in parallel computing, he shares our passion for the GPU’s evolution into a general purpose parallel processor and how it is increasingly becoming the soul of the new PC. His reputation as an innovator in our industry is unrivaled. It is truly an honor to have a legend like Bill in our company.”

We look forward to seeing what Professor Dally can bring to NVIDIA. You can visit the NVIDIA website to view the full press release. You can also discuss this article in our forums too.