Possible iPhone Fire Hazard?

Possible iPhone Fire Hazard?
While the iPhone 3G is a fairly handy gadget, it has been plagued with problems from its release. These have ranged from random brickings to connectivity issues. Now a new possible problem has arisen, and this perhaps more dire.
A Swedish site recently published an article about the first reported case of an iPhone catching fire. As is the case with most mobile device-related fires, such as the Dell laptop incident two years ago, the culprit was the battery.
Emil Ahlén was sleeping when suddenly he caught the sharp smell of smoke. He awoke to the image of his iPhone charger fused to the battery and beginning to catch fire.
“It was pure luck that the phone was on the floor and not in bed as it usually is. Otherwise it could have ended with a disaster,” says Emil Ahlén.
And this is not the only troubles he is experiencing. The support he is receiving is quite disappointing.
“I have tried all week to complain about the phone, but am sent back and forth between Apple and Telia. Telia says that there is nothing they can do. I have to pay the contract out,” says Emil Ahlén.
Is this simply an isolated incident or will Apple soon be facing a Dell-like recall?
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