Sony to close PlayStation Group?

Sony to close PlayStation Group? Sony logo

Can you imagine a world without the Playstation? According to our source and The Times, Sony are reportedly gearing up for some massive cost-cutting in order to survive the current economic crisis. Sony has already stated that they intend to cut some 8,000 employees from their electronics division by 2010.

Sony are reportedly remaining tight-lipped about the state of the company, and are maintaining that all is rosy regardless of what the rumours are hinting at. The Times suggest that this isn’t the case and that next month, Sony will not only announce the closure of several factories in Japan, but will go so far as to shut down some of their ‘major divisions’.

…Sony only have a few “major divisions”, and the money-leaking PlayStation group is one of them. And while it’s hard to imagine Sony pulling the plug on one of the most famous brands this industry has ever seen, it’s equally hard to imagine them pulling out of televisions or digital cameras, either.

Could this be the end of the line for the Playstation? Let’s hope not, but drastic times call for drastic measures.

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