Tesla recall all Cybertruck EVs over pedal problem

This accelerator pedal issue is present on effectively all Cybertruck EVs, forcing a recall

If you own a Cybertruck, I have bad news for you. Tesla have issued a recall for practically all of their Cybertruck EVs due to a fault in the vehicles accelerator pedal. This issue can cause the accelerator pedals of Cybertrucks to become stuck in a “full throttle” position. Obviously, this is very unsafe for drivers, which is why Tesla have issues a voluntary recall for effectively all Cybertrucks sold.

All Cybertrucks manufactured between November 13th 2023 and April 4th 2024 feature this flawed accelerator pedal. Since the vehicle launched in late November 2023, this means that practically all Tesla Cybertrucks are affected by this issue. In fact, 3,878 Cybertruck EVs have been recalled in total. Currently, Tesla is not aware of any “collisions, injuries, or deaths” that have happened as a result of this pedal fault.

What caused the Tesla Cybertruck recall?

A defect on Tesla’s Cybertruck accelerator pedal can cause the pedals cover to dislodge and become trapped in the vehicles interior trim. Tesla claims that this issue was caused by “an unapproved change introduced lubricant (soap) to aid in the component assembly of the pad onto the accelerator pedal.” Residual lubricant “reduced the retention of the pad to the pedal”, causing the vehicles trapped accelerator problem.

Thankfully, using the Cybertruck’s brakes will disengage the vehicle’s accelerator. However, disengaging the Cybertruck’s brakes will cause the vehicle to suddenly accelerate again. Obviously, this issue makes the Tesla Cybertruck an unsafe vehicle to drive.


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What’s the fix?

At no cost to Cybertruck owners, Tesla will replace and rework the accelerator assembly of their vehicles. This will ensure that pedal pads are sufficiently secured to prevent any chance of the pads dislodging. Tesla has created a new accelerator pad component that ensures that no future Cybertruck vehicles are affected by this issue. My guess is that Tesla will simply use a screw or rivet to hold their new pedal pads in place.

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