UK PC retailer CCL Computers under new ownership – previous entity CCL Computers LTD enters administration

CCL Computers Limited and its owner Tactus Limited have entered administration

Today received news that CCL Computers Limited had entered administration, making it the second major UK PC company to do so this year. This news comes three months after the closure of BOX, another UK PC components company.

CCL Computers Limited, and its parent company Tactus Limited have entered administration, but there is good news. The good news is that CCL Computers is alive and well. While CCL Computers Limited has entered administration, the company’s assets and brand are operating as normal under new ownership.

What happened?

While we could have just reported on CCL Computer Limited administration, we wanted to know what was going on. So we did a little digging. There turned out to be a lot to discover.

Tactus Limited claims that they were financially damaged by their acquisition of Box Ltd in 2022. Currently, there is an ongoing legal battle between Tactus and five of Box’s former directors over this issue. Currently, it is unknown to us what Box’s directors allegedly did, but it seems to have resulted in major financial issues that have lead to the closure of Box and broader problems within the Tactus Group.

It has been confirmed to us that there is now “significant long-term funding” to protect the businesses within the group. This funding was secured through a new vehicle called “Wilder Bidco“, which was incorporated in February 2024. This group will soon be renamed to become the “Chillblast Group” (Chillblast Ltd) in the near future. As far as we are aware, this group now owns the assets and branding of CCL Computers, Chillblast, and Tactus’ other companies. In effect, Tactus and its old structure is gone, and everything is now owned by Chillblast Limited.

Below is what a spokesperson from Chillblast Group had to say;

The financial issues identified after the acquisition of Box caused considerable damage to the wider Group and as a result there remains an ongoing legal claim against five former directors of the company.
However, we’ve taken the necessary steps to protect the rest of our businesses from further damage and have secured significant long-term funding to recapitalise the remaining group of companies. This will ensure that we continue to serve our many customers and take advantage of significant growth opportunities in our target markets.

What has changed for CCL Computers?

The CCL website remains operational and the company is running as normal. The only thing that has changed is that the business is now under the ownership of Chillblast Limited, and they have the funding to keep the business operating well into the future.

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