When You Just Can’t Wait for Apple

News Posted 27/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: MacMinute

Apple Logo

Earlier we brought you news about the release of Apple’s Apple TV. Well it appears that iResQ (the self-proclaimed premier Mac portable service centre) are offering to double, triple or even quadrouple your Apple TV’s capacity with their ‘no-hassle’ upgrade program.

Apple released their first versions of the Apple TV with a 40GB hard drive and iResQ is offering several different levels of hard drive upgrades for customers wanting more storage space for their data. Apple TV upgrades will be performed within 24 hours of receipt at the iResQ repair facility in Kansas City, and they provide each customer with the appropriate shipping materials and pre-paid labels to safely transport the units around the country. Several different upgrades options are available, all of which are detailed on the Web site.

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