WIFI 7 Monster! ASUS showcases their ROG Rapture GT-BE19000 router at Computex

ASUS reveals their ROG Rapture GT-BE19000 gaming router at Computex 2024

If you are a long-time reader of OC3D, you will know that we love networking products. We aren’t people that use the the stock routers that our ISP provides, and we work to ensure that our homes have stable wireless signals throughout. With this in mind, ASUS’ new ROG Rapture GT-BE19000 quickly caught our attention.

WIFI 7 is becoming more and more common with modern devices, and as ultra-fast broadband becomes more common, so does the need for faster wired and wireless connectivity. ASUS’ ROG brand has always been known for making their routers on the “OVERKILL” side of the hardware spectrum. That means that they invest in strong cooling solutions, faster than normal processors, and the latest connectivity standards. For those who need it, AiMesh is there to make sure a strong WIFI signal extends throughout your home. It’s a strong package.

When compared to their other models, ASUS has stated that their ROG Rapture GT-BE19000 has a cooling solution that is 18% stronger and a processor that is 30% faster. Those specifications help to ensure that your router doesn’t get bogged down during heavy loads. Enhanced cooling prevents thermal throttling, and a faster CPU ensures that work is completed quickly and has no chance to pile up.

Looking at the rear of the unit, we can see that the router has two 10G ethernet ports. We also have four 2.5G LAN connections and a single 1Gb ethernet connection. The device also has one USB 3.2 Gen 1 port, and a single USB 2.0 port.

Below are the full specifications of the ROG Rapture GT-BE19000. In total, this router has 19 Gbps of potential wireless bandwidth. That’s an insane amount of aggragate bandwidth, and more is available when using wired connections. Using 4096-QAM data transmission, this router can improve data rates by up to 20% using tighter -packed data signals. Multi-link operation also allows devices to connect to multiple frequency bands simultaneously, enabling faster speeds for compatible devices.

Will ASUS built a white version of the ROG Rapture GT-BE19000?

Behind closed doors, we got to see a white version of the GT-BE19000. This is an early prototype that may not enter production. That said, WE WANT IT! This router looks great in white, and we would love to see it enter production. While we do like ASUS’ standard black aesthetic, this prototype white model is a welcome change of pace, and we would love to see a completed version of it.

What we have here is another strong WIFI solution from ASUS. As usual, it is overbuilt with large heatsinks, faster than standard processors, and all of the latest WIFI tech built-in. What more can you want? Nothing really. While I would always like to see a few more 10G ports, two is enough for most users.

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