Netflix lowers its pricing in over 30 countries to boost subscription numbers

No, the UK and US will not see Netflix's costs cut

Netflix lowers its pricing in over 30 countries to boost subscription numbers

Netflix is lowering their prices to boost subscriber numbers in less developed nations

Netflix, the video streaming giant, has lowered the cost of its monthly subscriptions in order to grow their subscription numbers, and before you ask, no, the UK the US, and most wealthy nations will not see the cost of Netflix lower. 

Netflix's slashed prices will mostly see the cost of the subscription lower in poorer, or less developed nations. In total, over 100 countries and territories are included in this cost-saving package, with price drops ranging from 20% to 60%. Countries that will see Netflix's subscription pricing drop will include Algeria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Equador, Egypt, Haiti, Liberia, Panama, Tunisia, Vietnam, and many, many more countries.

Netflix is hoping to increase their subscription numbers with more attractive pricing and seeks to discourage subscription/password sharing in order to increase the size of their paying userbase. Last year, Netflix introduced a service which offered lower pricing and introduced ads to their platform, lowering the entry level pricing of their service. 

Netflix lowers its pricing in over 30 countries to boost subscription numbers

With recession fears and high inflation reducing consumer spending, a lot of people are seeking ways to save money. For many, Netflix is subscription that is on the chopping block, with many users unsubscribing from the service or lowering their subscription tier to make the service more affordable.

Following the reveal of their lowered subscription pricing, Netflix' stock value fell by almost 5%, highlighting a lack of confidence in the company from investors and analysts. 

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Most Recent Comments

24-02-2023, 14:00:57

I finally gave up on it last week. I've had it for years. I only use it once every month or two if that, yet keep on paying. I didn't mind this at £5. I also didn't mind at £7. By the end I was paying £9, and had downgraded to the crap one. Which looked like poo.

Sadly I wasn't prepared to keep paying whilst they pay douches like Harry and Meghan, whilst getting rid of all of the stuff I liked. They became too woke, too about BLM and all of the other political crap I detest.

They also never fixed the things I asked them to add. Or remove. Like the annoying thudding sound it makes when you log in, causing my sub to blow my flat apart even in the small hours, or their stupid auto play when you hover (usually going to an action scene that again made a load of unwanted noise) nor did they ever add the "I've watched this" tag to stop you getting 30 minutes into something before it dawns on you that you've already seen it. I both emailed them and phoned a few times asking about this but they just fobbed me off.

Why? So they can keep running the same crap for ages so it looks like they are adding content by pushing things on you that you have already seen. A crappy trick used by the terrestrial TV I stopped buying a license for three years ago for the same reasons.

I won't be going back even if they cut the price.Quote

24-02-2023, 15:25:02

Be happy you only had to pay 9. Its costing me 15 here.Quote

24-02-2023, 15:42:43

Originally Posted by Warchild View Post
Be happy you only had to pay 9. Its costing me 15 here.
Well that was for the one user at once low res. It was about £13 for the one I had before.

I got a Crime channel on Amazon Prime for £3.99 a month and watch it daily. So NF can bugger off.Quote

24-02-2023, 18:01:12

well if it's not reduced here I'll not be getting it again it's £16 for the 1 I'd need so no chanceQuote

24-02-2023, 18:51:26

Originally Posted by Greenback View Post
well if it's not reduced here I'll not be getting it again it's £16 for the 1 I'd need so no chance
TBH I think it is dying.

I watched a video on it yesterday, and they have pretty much reversed into the complete opposite of what they used to be.

They are now offering a paid service where you can watch ads. I mean really.

The worst thing for me, absolutely without a doubt, is their continual pushing of politics. I am not racist, and I AM NOT a homophobe. However when I pay for something I don't expect to have what I have been watching on the news all bloody day to be rammed in my face there too. I just want to watch some good TV, without all of the BS.

The moment they let Harry and Smeghan on there it was over for me.

Any way going back to this video I watched. HBO and Disney are absolutely destroying them. By far. Mainly because they have probably avoided all of that crap and just given people good things to watch. And the options now are vast. There are several crime subs I can get on Prime and etc.

I used to love the crime stuff on there. It was fantastic. I also loved this.

But they failed to secure a new season. Probably because they spunked all their money on Harry and Smeggy and telling us all how wonderful gays and black people are.Quote

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