Akasa are avoiding 12VHPWR cable bends with their new angled adapters

Akasa launches a new range of angle 12VHPWR to 8-pin power adapters

Akasa have just launched a new series of 12VHPWR adapters for users of older power supplies. Both of these new adaptors feature angled 12VHPWR connectors, and one of them is designed to openly showcase your PC’s 8-pin PCIe power cables.

The AKASA G-Nexus P24, shown below, places three 8-pin PCIe power cables close to its 12VHPWR output. This places a users’ 8-pin PCIe power cables in view, allowing users to showcase their cables should they wish to. This is great news for anyone who already owns custom braided 8-pin PCIe power cables. It is also a good setup for those who do not wish to hide full-length 8-pin PCIe power cables behind their motherboard tray.

This adapter is capable of delivering up to 600W of power to connected graphics cards. Akasa recommends connecting three separate PCIe power cables to this adapter for optimal power delivery and safety. Since single 8-pin PCIe power outputs are rated for 150W, this means that this adaptor pushes 8-pin cables beyond their rated limits when outputting more than 450W of power.

Two 12VHPWR adaptors from Akasa – Both are functionally identical

Akasa’s second angled 12VHPWR adapter is their G-Nexus PX24. This adapter features an angled 12VHPWR terminal. At the end of the adapters 300mm cable there are three 8-pin PCIe power cables.

In practice, the G-Nexus PX24 and P24 do the same thing. The difference is where the adapter’s 8-pin PCIe power cables are located.

Both of these adapters are for Type-1 12VHPWR GPU connectors. On these connectors, the 4-pin section of the terminal is near the backplate of a graphics card. For GPUs with Type-2 connectors, these adaptors will connect in an upside-down configuration. Type-2 options for these cables are unavailable. Akasa appears to have no plans to work on Type-2 versions of these adapters.

Sadly, Akasa has not revealed the pricing of their new 90-degree 12VHPWR adapters. We expect these adapters to be available at retailers soon. If you cannot wait that long, CableMod had a range of similar 12VHPWR adapters. We have looked at some of their 12VHPWR cables here.

You can join the discussion on Akasa’s new 90-degree 12VHWPR adapters on the OC3D Forums.

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