Corsair’s “SHIFT” series PSUs are both absurd and amazing!


Corsair has shifted the world of PSUs, and we are all for it

Thanks to @momomo_us on Twitter, we have gotten our first look at Corsair’s RM1200x Shift power supply, a PSU that is unlike anything that we have seen before.

Corsair’s new “Shift” series power supply has its power connectors coming out its side, directing them behind the motherboard tray of most PC cases. This allows for easy access to the RM1200x Shift’s cables, making it much easier for PC builders to upgrade their systems and manage their PSU’s cables. 

According to @momomo_us, Corsair’s new RM1200x Shift power supply will be Intel ATX 3.0 certified, and based on the provided images of the power supply, the PSU doesn’t feature direct support for the 12VHPWR (12 Volt High Power/16-pin) power connector, which likely means that this PSU only supports 12VHPWR though the use of Corsair’s 12VHPWR PSU adaptor (which may be supplied with this new PSU).

A game-changing PSU design

Corsair’s RM1200x Shift power supply will make cable management a simple process when used with compatible PC cases. With this PSU design, cases must have clearance for the RM1200x Shift’s modular cables, something that is not guaranteed.

With this PSU design, cable management is made easier, and the space at the bottom of PC cases could be utilised for something other than PSU cables. Perhaps this new PSU design could allow Corsair to experiment with bottom-mounted case fans, or other unorthodox new case designs. One things for sure, this unique PSU design opens up a lot of doors for Corsair, but only time will tell if PC builders are willing to purchase such an unusual PSU.  

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