4A Games Release Metro Exodus’ Day-1 Patch Notes – A lot has changed

4A Games Release Metro Exodus' Day-1 Patch Notes - A lot has changed

4A Games Release Metro Exodus’ Day-1 Patch Notes – A lot has changed

4A Games has made a lot of changes to Metro Exodus since they released their review code, rebalancing certain aspects of the game while adding additional optimisations and polish to the title.   

Now, Metro Exodus is available for purchase, with the game’s day-1 patch delivering more filers in the game’s built-in photo mode, Dolby Atmos support for Xbox One X and a wide range of PC improvements, including fixes for some of the game’s early RTX-related bugs and adjustments to the game’s DLSS implementation. 

Below is a list of updates that apply to all platforms, which include changes to the game’s voice over and subtitle timings and boosted performance in some areas.


– Added more filters for Photo Mode
– General bug fixes
– General performance optimisations
– General balance improvements
– General polish improvements
– Improved VO and subtitles timing in all languages
Below is a list of PC-specific changes, which include improvements to the game’s DLSS option, which increases the game’s sharpness, stability improvements and a fix for game crashed when used with older AMD processors. 

We plan to test the impact of the game’s DLSS improvements later today.  


Tuned HDR saturation
RTX Improvements / Bug Fixing
Added DLSS Support
Additional HUD removal options (coming soon to console) when playing in Ranger Mode
Added Motion Blur options (coming soon to console)


Fixed Locking of player input after scene of rescuing Yermak
Removed v-sync option from benchmark launcher
Tuning and fixes for Atmos audio system
Fixed memory corruption in DX12
Fixed crash on launching game on old AMD CPUs
Fixed crash after changing of resolution and Shading Rate to 4k/4x on Video cards with 2Gb and less
Fixed blurred UI when DLSS is enabled
Fixed visual artifacts for RTX high mode
Fixed input lock in when patching gas mask during combat
Fixed forcing to V-Sync on after alt-tabbing the game running at maximal available resolution for the monitor
Fixed crash when pressing ALT + Tab during start videos
Fixed forcing of V-SYNC mode if the game resolution is different than the desktop
DLSS can be applied in the Benchmark
Tuned DLSS sharpness to improve image quality
Updated learned data for DLSS to improve image quality with DLSS on

4A Games Release Metro Exodus' Day-1 Patch Notes - A lot has changed  

Metro Exodus is now available exclusively on the Epic Games Store, and our pre-release PC performance review for the title is available to read here. Be aware that we plan to retest the game’s DLSS support to see how much of a difference this patch provides when used in conjunction with Nvidia’s latest Game Ready driver. 

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