AI Idiocy – Destiny 2 players fool AI “news” sites with fake “secret boss” Glorbo

AI Idiocy - Destiny 2 players fool AI

Glorbo strikes again! – Destiny 2 Redditors have convinced News AI that the fake “secret boss” exists

As smart as AI is claimed to be, it has trouble differentiating fact from fiction. While many “news” sites have popped up in recent months using AI writers to scrape content from the internet, none of these AIs understand what they are writing about, or have any idea if there is any truth to the “news” that they are gathering from sites like Reddit.

Gamers over on the Destiny 2 Subreddit have made a fool of AI news bots by tricking them into writing news stories and guides about a fake Destiny 2 “Secret Boss” called “Glorbo”, taking inspiration from a similar trick that the World of Warcraft played on AI news teams last week.

Now there are articles online that are discussing Destiny 2’s fictional “secret boss” and how to “Glorbo” in-game, showcasing AI’s inability to distinguish truth from fiction. As funny as it is to see AI news teams getting fooled by trolls, it does confirm that AI news has arrived on the internet, which means that the internet is now filled with more fake news than ever.  

AI Idiocy - Destiny 2 players fool AI

(Redditors have once again fooled AI newsbots)

As always, users of the internet need to take care when ingesting information from the web. Fake news has always existed, but with the growth of AI, fake news no longer needs a human touch for its creation. 

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