Bungie Release The Latest Halo 3 Screenies

News Posted 28/11/2006
Author: PV5150
Source: CVG

Last week Halo developer Bungie released the first high-res screenshots of Halo 3’s gorgeous multiplayer mode. You can see the screenshots here and head on over to Bungie’s official website for its expert commentary, which includes plenty of meaty info-nuggets on the new Mongoose vehicle, the Spartan Laser and the Ghost’s pimped-up body work.

“[The Ghost has] received a pretty awesome graphic overhaul,” the dissection reads. “It’s subtle at first but we’ve been noticing it more and more. The surface is now a lot shinier than before, the reflection on it is real-time, which we just tested by throwing grenades in front of it and watching their reflections.” “Basically, the Ghost has been pimped.”

Talking about the new Spartan Laser and nippy Mongoose quadbike, Bungie says “it is small and unarmed, but it’s fast. There’s no easy way to take it out. You can use the Spartan Laser, but that’s kind of difficult as the laser needs to charge for three seconds before it discharges.”

“While it’s firing, you’ve got about half a second or so to get it over the target. Unless it’s coming straight at you and even if it is, that can be kind of difficult. [The Spartan Laser will] definitely take some getting used to before you can consistently hit a moving target with it, but then it’s all the more satisfying.” You can try out Halo 3’s multiplayer for yourself, when the Xbox Live beta lands in spring 2007.

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