Crytek releases their 2.4 “Performance Update” for Hunt: Showdown

Crytek releases their 2.4

Crytek releases their 2.4 “Performance Update” for Hunt: Showdown

Crytek has officially released patch 2.4 for Hunt: Showdown, the company’s PvP/PvE online shooter, where players take the role of HUnters in a world that is filled with horrific monsters and rival hunters who would prefer to keep their bounties to themselves. 

With this update, Crytek has brought several new graphical options to Hunt Showdown, which include Resolution Scaling and more fine-tuned options for increased graphical granularity. 

Particle effects have been optimised across the board, as well as other GPU-intensive effects, offering a considerable performance improvement to players who are GPU limited. Descriptions have also been added to all graphical settings, describing their graphical and performance impact. Windows 10 users will also receive a VRM meter in the game’s options menu, which will be able to dynamically show players how much of their VRAM is in use. 

Hunt Showdown has also been optimised on the CPU-side, making the game’s mainthread more stable and more efficient thanks to a number of small changes within the game’s code and systems. Below is a video which describes the changes that are available in patch 2.4, as well as a list of “highlights”, which act as a short-hand alternative to the game’s full patch notes (which can be read here).

Update 2.4 is all about performance, and so we’ve got Level Design Director Chris Auty, Technical Director Sebastien Laurent, Senior Game Designer Andreas Liebeskind, and Junior Technical Designer Bence Kovacs in a new video interview to explain all the details.


– Extended graphics settings – Users can now access a broader range of additional options that can customize performance based on available hardware.
– Loading time improvements – Optimized the time to get into matches on both client and server (Potential saving of 20-30 seconds).
– Resolution scaling – Players can now scale the game rendering independently for their desired resolution which can significantly improve GPU performance when users are GPU bound.
– GPU optimizations – Re-balanced low spec configuration and reduced GPU cost across the board.
– CPU optimizations – Mainthread will be more stable and generally more efficient thanks to a collection of smaller improvements in game code and systems.
– Matchmaking changes – Added an additional matchmaking bracket. Current brackets are now set to ranks 1 to 33 (with overflow to 50), ranks 34 to 66 (with overflow to 80), and ranks 67 to max rank (including prestige).
– Solo Missions – Solo missions will now be single target missions (1 Boss).

New weapons

– Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine – A modified version of the Nagant M1895 Officer pistol with a long barrel and a stock.
– Specter 1882 Compact – A modified version of the Specter 1882 Shotgun with a foregrip and a sawn-off barrel. Wider spread, but shorter range.
– Crossbow Shotbolt – A hand-crafted crossbow that mixes the characteristics traits of a shotgun with those of a crossbow, utilising bolts tipped with shotgun shells that detonate on impact setting off a cone of shotgun pellets.

Hunt: Showdown in available on Windows-powered PCs through Steam’s Early Access platform. The game is also set to release on Xbox as a Game Preview title at a later date. 

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