Dead Space’s Remake receives a huge boost on Nvidia GPUs with Resizable Bar

Dead Space's Remake receives a huge boost on Nvidia GPUs with Resizable Bar

Dead Space’s Resizable BAR tweak can give Nvidia users up to a 25% performance boost

Thanks to DSO Gaming, we now know that users of Nvidia’s latest graphics cards can boost the performance of Dead Space’s recently released Remake by enabling Resizable BAR within Nvidia’s GPU drivers. DSO Gaming has reported that they have seen performance increases of up to 25% when enabling the feature, which is a huge boost.

Resizable BAR on Nvidia GPUs 

Nvidia’s support for Resizable BAR is not as advanced as AMD’s, as Nvidia’s graphics cards only support Resizable BAR on games that are whitelisted within Nvidia’s drivers. This means that most games do not actually utilise Resizable BAR on Nvidia’s graphics cards by default, leaving performance on the table for many titles that should be whitelisted. 

Nvidia’s whitelist system is in place because some games do not play nicely with Resizable BAR support with GeForce GPUs, with the feature causing instability and performance issues in some games. In the case of Dead Space’s remake, it looks like the game has no problems running with Resizable BAR enabled, and the feature appears to deliver significant performance gains on supported Nvidia hardware. 

Enabling Resizable BAR on Nvidia GPUs in Dead Space

Using Nvidia Profile Inspector, which is available to download here, Nvidia users can modify Nvidia’s Dead Space Remake driver profile to enable support for Resizable BAR (rBAR) using the settings below. You will also need to make sure that Resizable BAR is enabled within your motherboard’s BIOS.

Dead Space's Remake receives a huge boost on Nvidia GPUs with Resizable Bar

Assuming that this alteration caused no bugs or issues within Dead Space, it is probable that Nvidia will see these reports of performance gains and officially change their driver profiles with the release of new GeForce drivers. 25% performance gains are a huge deal, and Resizable BAR is supported on all of Nvidia’s RTX 30 series and RTX 40 series graphics cards.

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