Enderal, The Skyrim Total Conversion Mod, Releases on Steam Next Week

Enderal, The Skyrim Total Conversion Mod, Releases on Steam Next Week

Enderal, The Skyrim Total Conversion Mod, Releases on Steam Next Week

It has been a long time since we first talked about Enderal, perhaps the most impressive total conversion mod for The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim to date. This mod is so highly regarded that it won “Best Fan Creation” during 2016’s The Game Awards and has since received an expansion called Forgotten Stories. 

Last year, SureAI, the developers of the mod announced that Enderal would be releasing on Steam, giving all owners of Skyrim easy access to the mod through Steam’s installer. Enderal can even be installed without an active install of Skyrim, or concurrently alongside Skyrim without compatibility issues for either game, allowing Enderal to act as a standalone title. Steam users will need a copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to play Enderal, but outside of this the mod is free to play.

Enderal: The Shards of Order and its expansion, Forgotten Stories, is said to offer between 30 and 125 hours of gameplay, depending on whether or not players want to blitz through the game’s story or participate in side quests and world exploration. Skyrim’s gameplay has been overhauled to add new classes to the game, an updated skill system and more challenging combat mechanics, making this mod feel fresh, even for the most hardened of Skyrim veterans. 

This mod offers full voice acting when a unique world that’s filled with unique questlines, making this mod feel totally different from the game that is it built upon. Enderal is a Total Conversion Mod in the truest sense, making it an easy recommendation for any Skyrim owner. 

A new trailer for Enderal has confirmed that the mod will be releasing on Steam on February 14th. 

The Steam release of Enderal will make the mod easier to install than ever before, giving PC gamers little reason to stay away from the mod. Now that Steam does the heavy lifting there is no reason why PC players shouldn’t give the game a try. 

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