Epic resolves Gears of War DRM Issues

Drama Over, GOW is Back!

Drama over, GOW is back!A couple of weeks ago, we reported on a problem with Gears of War and it’s DRM. Epic used a digital certificate which was time limited, and expired on the 28th of January. This meant that players could not gain access to the game after this date, unless they altered their system clocks to before the 28th. They have now patched the problem out, and players can gain acees to the game.

The announcement was made on the offical Gears of War website, and the patch is available to download immediately. This affair may have left a bitter taste in many players mouths regarding an already controversial  subject, which is the use of DRM within modern games. It certainly won’t have done any good for Epic’s PR status, especially as Gears of Wars owners were left unable to play the game for 10 days.

You can view our original article for more information and you can also discuss this within our forums.